Estate Planning and Estate Administration

Estate Planning and Estate Administration

Totman Law Office believes in forward-thinking legal services, getting in front of issues, as much as possible. To that end, Totman Law's estate planning services are aimed at adding personal asset protection to the business protection that we counsel each day. Call Totman Law Office today to discuss a potential estate plan for you.

Totman Law also offers estate administration services, guidance the personal representative and/or representing the estate through the probate process. The steady hand this firm provides can help streamline and simplify the probate process. If you would like assistance with the administration of a loved one's estate, or simply talk through a situation or question, contact Totman Law Office for a consultation.

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Beneficiary Designations and Minor Children

Estate Planning Basics: Trust Planning for Minor Children Beneficiary Designations

By Dominic Totman | January 25, 2018

Life Insurance / Retirement Account Designations and Minor Children The Background: Naming a Minor Child as a Beneficiary Anyone with a life insurance policy, a 401K or IRA has (or, at least, should have) designated one or more beneficiaries for that account or asset. When deciding who to list as beneficiary, it’s not uncommon to…

Estate Planning Basics

By Dominic Totman | February 20, 2017

As a general rule, everyone should put together an estate plan. What exactly that means will depend on your circumstances: net worth; trust planning; tax strategies, etc. Do not, however, fall into the trap of thinking that you need a certain net worth in order to need a will or estate planning. You do not.…


"As Founder and Attorney of Totman Law, my primary goal is to offer and provide these services through engaged and communicative representation and proactive insight and legal planning." -- Dominic Totman