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Representation for Commercial Leases, Purchases and Sales

Totman Law Office's Commercial Real Estate Services

Totman Law offers skilled and detailed legal representation for your commercial real estate needs. Our services include representation for, among other aspects of commercial real estate law, buying and selling commercial real estate and commercial lease representation.

Commercial Real Estate Purchases and Sales

Whether you are searching for a building or unit to serve as your business operations site, retail space for a new business location, or land to develop and building your business, Totman Law's commercial real estate services can help complete the transaction in a smooth and efficient manner.  From preparing the contract, to conducting the due diligence and closing the deal, let Totman Law help you accomplish your purchase or sale goals.

Commercial Lease Representation

The commercial lease is one of the most important assets and contracts of any business. The lease includes important business terms such as rent and operations expenses.The lease is much more than how much TICAM the business must pay, however. It typically covers numerous risks, liabilities and pitfalls that can befall an unwary operation.  And while leases are often described as standard, there is nothing "standard" about a business' risk or liability under any one of the many situations covered by the lease. Totman Law offers the experience and expertise to help negotiate your commercial lease and put your business in the right position to start the lease term.

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By Dominic Totman | July 11, 2017

Tenant Risk in Commercial Leases: Tenant risk in commercial leases is a redundant concept. Commercial leasing embodies risk and risk allocation for the would-be tenant. As such, and because the lease agreement remains one of the most commonly utilized contracts in commercial transactions, the commercial lease is an incredibly important component of many businesses’ operational picture,…


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