Business Purchases, Sales and Transitions

Totman Law's Business Purchases, Sales and Transitions Representation

Buying or Selling a Business? Preparing for your Business Transition?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, Totman Law can help you start and complete the transaction in a smooth, efficient and effective manner. From start to finish, a business purchase, sale or transition transaction is a complex process that deserves skill, expertise and experience. From Mergers and Acquisitions, to shareholder buyouts, to associate buy-ins, etc., Totman Law's business purchase and sale representation has the right approach for you.

Our services include all facets of a given purchase, sale or transitional transaction, including negotiating and drafting the agreements and terms, conducting and assisting with the due diligence for the transaction, closing the deal and handling the many ancillary factors and components of the transaction.

Totman Law can also assist with your private stock placement needs, with the knowledge and know-how to properly structure the deal in compliance with the pertinent regulations and offer you the necessary guidance along the way.

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Three Under-Appreciated Issues in a Practice Purchase Transaction

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When purchasing a practice, there is a veritable cornucopia of things to do. Based on the sheer number of tasks to complete to get ready to close, it is easy to overlook any number of potential risks and issues, not realizing the problem until you find closing is delayed or there is a post-closing problem…

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Things to Consider as you Prepare to Sell Your Business

By Dominic Totman | February 7, 2017

The sale of a business can take months, if not years, representing the culmination of all the money, time and effort invested into your business. Despite this simple truth, time and again business owners approach the sale process without a clear plan and without considering the implications of this momentous event. By adopting a proactive…

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As Founder and Attorney of Totman Law, my primary goal is to offer and provide these services through engaged and communicative representation and proactive insight and legal planning.