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Totman Law's Business Purchases, Sales and Transitions Representation

Buying or Selling a Business? Preparing for your Business Transition?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, Totman Law can help you start and complete the transaction in a smooth, efficient and effective manner. From start to finish, a business purchase, sale or transition transaction is a complex process that deserves skill, expertise and experience. From Mergers and Acquisitions, to shareholder buyouts, to associate buy-ins, etc., Totman Law's business purchase and sale representation has the right approach for you.

Our services include all facets of a given purchase, sale or transitional transaction, including negotiating and drafting the agreements and terms, conducting and assisting with the due diligence for the transaction, closing the deal and handling the many ancillary factors and components of the transaction.

Totman Law can also assist with your private stock placement needs, with the knowledge and know-how to properly structure the deal in compliance with the pertinent regulations and offer you the necessary guidance along the way.

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The Transaction Stages

The Dental Practice Purchase – A Transaction Snapshot

By Dominic Totman | August 24, 2017

Each dental practice purchase is a complex process with many stages. Here is a snapshot overview of the key phases. Contact Totman Law today to learn more.  

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“Due Diligence” in a Business Purchase: What Does It Really Mean?

By Dominic Totman | April 19, 2017

We’ve all heard the term “due diligence” and understand that it generally means to do your homework and research. What exactly the term really means depends on any number of factors, including the type of transaction, the business area and the industry involved, and the relationship between the parties in the transaction. At its heart,…

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Typical Stages of a Business Purchase and Sale Transaction

By Dominic Totman | March 2, 2017

The exact details and structure of a given transaction will vary from deal to deal. But there are typical deal phases involved in most transactions, each carrying a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The information below is a basic explanation of the common phases, but is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes…

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