Mergers and Acquisitions

What is “M&A”? The term “Mergers and Acquisitions” is broad and encompasses a myriad of transactions and deal structures, including private sales to outside purchasers (e.g. new owner/operator or equity group), internal transitions to key employees or shareholders, the merger of two or more businesses, and corporate / company restructuring through combination or divestiture.

But at its heart, an “M&A” transaction means growth, change and opportunity for businesses and their owners and investors: a chance to start a new business, bring a new product line into the fold, partner in a can’t-be-missed investment opportunity, implement a beneficial tax strategy, or realize and benefit from the goodwill invested and developed over 25 years of hard work.

It also means risk assessment and mitigation. Each M&A transaction is incredibly complex and involves numerous facets of business and law, including finance, tax, contract law, employment law and benefits, securities law, intellectual property and other legal considerations particular to industry and transaction, such as the current law on non-compete agreements in your industry.  As such, each M&A transaction needs an attorney and firm with the legal knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to guide and advise the client strategically through each stage of the deal until closing (completion of the deal) and beyond.

Totman Law’s Value and Approach. That is where Totman Law comes in. This firm’s “outside in-house” counsel approach to business law offers its clients a strategic advisor relationship that combines ongoing and highly engaged communication, a comprehensive and detailed approach to M&A and skilled and insightful legal expertise. Totman Law brings the legal skill, the strategic decision making and advocacy, negotiation and management abilities to bring the deal to close.  Moreover, this firm’s approach looks beyond the transaction to proactively strategize with the business owners for growth and succession, offering business owners the opportunity to truly benefit from having the “outside in-house counsel” by staying engaged and communicating and taking a forward-thinking approach to the legal needs of the business.

Cost. As for cost, it varies with the deal, but Totman Law’s flat fee, relationship-based fee structure lends an element of budget predictability that is typically absent in most M&A deals. Our goal is to provide the best possible legal services on a cost-effective method that provides a win for both attorney and client.

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