Contract Law

“Contract Law” can mean different things to different people. Regardless of your definition, using a law firm with the right approach and skills to meet your contract needs is a must. Any attorney can use a standard form or find something that resembles your general contract situation. But drafting contracts is not a one-size-fits all job, and your lawyer should approach the research and writing of a contract with the appropriate philosophy and skill set.

That is where Totman Law comes in. Totman Law attacks contract drafting with a dedicated and devoted mentality, combining thoughtful and precise legal drafting, a thorough substantive approach to the subject matter, insightful issue and resolution analysis, and targeted advocacy through negotiation.  This calculus yields client-specific contract drafting, producing the right contract that fits the facts and needs of the client. Through our fixed fee approach, Totman Law is able to provide this detailed, comprehensive drafting approach on an affordable platform for the client.

Contracts can take any number of forms, both written and oral. The different types of industries and transactions require just the right terms and conditions.  Don’t take a one-size fits all approach. Through customized contract law representation, Totman Law provides the right representation for your business needs.