Associate Agreements and Core Concerns

PODCAST: Blueprint to Associate Agreements

Student Entrepreneurs in Dentistry Podcast Series:
Blueprint to Associate Agreements

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a podcast hosted by the Student Entrepreneurs in Dentistry of UNC School of Dentistry at Chapel Hill, led by Mr. Christian Hart. The podcast focused on two topics. The first was associate agreements, particularly that first agreement after dental school and of what you should be aware when considering signing that agreement. The second was on transitioning to ownership, whether that involves practice acquisition or starting a practice, and what to think about in considering that transition.

You can find the podcast on iTunes and other major podcast vendors. I think there’s some good material there for review, a starting point in considering the next phase of your career life cycle as a dentist, including thoughts on compensation structure, competition agreements and other core concerns facing young dentists. I’ll just ask you to look past my public speaking foibles – I’ll practice for the next podcast I do.

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The link to the podcast can also be found here: