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Estate Planning Basics

By Dominic Totman | February 20, 2017

As a general rule, everyone should put together an estate plan. What exactly that means will depend on your circumstances: net worth; trust planning; tax strategies, etc. Do not, however, fall into the trap of thinking that you need a certain net worth in order to need a will or estate planning. You do not.…

So You’re Graduating Dental School; What’s Next?

By Dominic Totman | February 20, 2017

That’s a good question. What is next? You’ve just spent several years dedicated to education, learning the ins and outs of dental medicine. Now it’s time to decide how your dental career will start. The good news is that you have options. Associateship. The most common route, taking an associate position with an existing practice…

Three Under-Appreciated Issues in a Practice Purchase Transaction

By Dominic Totman | February 20, 2017

When purchasing a practice, there is a veritable cornucopia of things to do. Based on the sheer number of tasks to complete to get ready to close, it is easy to overlook any number of potential risks and issues, not realizing the problem until you find closing is delayed or there is a post-closing problem…

Looking Beyond the Contract Price: Often Overlooked Contract Terms

By Dominic Totman | February 16, 2017

Running a business take time. A lot of time. So very much time. Business owners serve in many different roles and provide many different functions for their businesses. Lawyer, however, is not one of them (unless you’re a lawyer, obviously). And so, when it comes to reviewing and negotiating a contract, time constraints and other…

Six Elements of Successful Contract Negotiations

By Dominic Totman | February 14, 2017

Everyone has negotiated a contract. From haggling on the price of an old television at a garage sale, to negotiating salary and benefits at a new job, we have all negotiated a contract of one kind or another. That doesn’t mean everyone negotiates contracts well. Negotiating contracts is a skill like any other, and some…

Proactive Planning Amongst Partners

By Dominic Totman | February 9, 2017

It’s cheaper and easier to plan how to deal with trouble than it is to get out of trouble. This is a maxim that holds true throughout our personal and business lives. And from a legal perspective it is especially true when considering going into business with one or more partners, when bringing on investors…

M&A Representation

Things to Consider as you Prepare to Sell Your Business

By Dominic Totman | February 7, 2017

The sale of a business can take months, if not years, representing the culmination of all the money, time and effort invested into your business. Despite this simple truth, time and again business owners approach the sale process without a clear plan and without considering the implications of this momentous event. By adopting a proactive…

Limited Liability Company

The New and Improved Entity Choice: the Limited Liability Company

By Dominic Totman | February 7, 2017

While the corporation can trace its history back hundreds of years (in varying amounts, depending on the source of your research), the limited liability company (LLC) is a fairly recent invention, first appearing a few decades ago. Designed by lawmakers to be an alternative to the archaic corporation, lawmakers made the legal structure of the…

Entity Taxation

Basic Taxation Aspects for Entity Choice

By Dominic Totman | February 2, 2017

Consider your tax options when deciding on entity choice. When deciding on what type of entity to utilize for a business, there are any number of factors to consider. The modern approach suggests that the primary options are the corporation and the limited liability company (LLC). Both offer limited liability protection of their respective owners,…



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