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Your Outside In-House Counsel

Totman Law provides skilled and nuanced legal representation for a wide array of business law needs. Add to this an attorney-client relationship that combines meaningful and productive communication with forward-thinking planning, and customizable flat-rate billing structures that bring predictability to legal fees, and the result is Totman Law, a law firm built to be North Carolina's business law firm. Schedule a consult with founding attorney, Dominic Totman, today.

Are You a Healthcare Professional Looking to Buy or Sell a Practice?

Whether you are purchasing your first dental practice, selling your veterinary practice, or partnering with a team of doctors to compete in the ever-changing business of medicine, consult an attorney who focuses on representing healthcare professionals.

Have an Idea for a Business?

Let's talk about another idea: forming an entity to take advantage of limited liability protection, tax planning and structural strategies.  Whether this is your first business or the newest addition to your network of companies, schedule a consult with Totman Law today to discuss your options and the pros and cons of each.

Delivering More with Flat Rate Fees

Expect more from your relationship with your attorney. Totman Law offers exceptional legal representation. But Totman Law also offers more: a highly engaged, communicative and proactive relationship between attorney and client that delivers more with matter-based and relationship-based flat rates. Ask us about our customizable flat rate billing structures today.

Business Sales are Complex

The road to closing is a long and winding one, fraught with twists, turns and obstacles. Totman Law can be your guide. Schedule a consult to discuss the process, what you need to know, and what's next.

Redefining the Attorney-Client Relationship

Offering legal advice as needed, driving legal planning, managing relationships - the in-house counsel position offers these valuable services and others for companies able to afford the position. Totman Law is redefining the attorney-client relationship by delivering those services to business that wouldn't otherwise enjoy them through its Outside In-House Counsel service packages. Expect more from your relationship with your attorney. Get Started to learn more today.

Business and Corporate Law

Business Purchases, Sales and Transitions

Dental and Medical Practice Representation

Commercial Real Estate

Dispute Resolution

Estate Planning and Estate Administration

Contact us Today to Learn about our Flat-Rate Pricing Options

Designed to bring predictability and added value to legal services, this approach to legal fees avoids the sticker shock and counter-productiveness of the hourly billing model. Flat rates allow our clients to maximize the benefit of their attorney-client relationships and bring some control and "budgetability" to legal fees, knowing that you can call your attorney with any questions or concerns and not have to worry about getting invoiced for that call.

Learn More about Totman Law and Our Approach to Legal Services

Totman Law offers its clients the sophisticated and insightful representation you might expect to find only at a big or boutique firm, with the responsiveness and flexibility that only a small firm can offer. Dominic Totman, the firm's founder, believes that clients should have meaningful and beneficial relationships with their lawyers, utilizing customized and forward-thinking legal planning and strategies to achieve the clients' goals. Ask about our Outside In-House Counsel service packages and redefine your attorney-client relationship.

North Carolina's Dental Lawyer

Are you a dentist practicing in North Carolina? If so, Totman Law is the law firm for you. With a comprehensive business law service offering centered around dentists and the demands of running dental practices in North Carolina, and customizable flat rate billing structures, Totman Law provides an unmatched level of service and detail to dental practitioners and their unique concerns.

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